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How to Build a Program

Did you know that you can build your own training programs in StrengthLog? It might look quite complex at first, but let us guide you through it!

The Basics in Making a Program

  1. Go to the Program page, click on Mine and + Create program.
  2. Choose Empty program. You can also choose Copy existing program and pick any of StrengthLogs pre-made programs. After copying, you’re able to do all the changes/modifications to our programs that you want. (Please note that you have to have a premium subscription to copy a premium program).
  3. Set a name for your new training program, and click Create program.
  4. Now you can start adding workouts, as well as group them in weeks. The easiest way to do this is simply to finish one full week of training first, then copy the complete week. After that you can simply edit each new session and make your desired changes from one workout to the next, instead of creating every workout/week from scratch. You can add how many workouts/weeks as you like, and there are a couple of different ways to adjust the progression in the programs as well.

Building a Program – Details When Creating a Workout

Setting up a workout in a program is very similar to recording a workout from scratch, so if you haven’t used the app for that yet, read this article on recording a workout first.

While adding a new set, the default inputs will be weights and reps. We do have a lot of different ways you can change it, though. As you can see pictured below, we’ve displayed a lot of different set types.

You can choose to program using either a set weight, % of 1RM, or RPE/RiR. You can also use the function retrieve from training log, as we’ve done in the third working set in the example below. The app will then search for the last time you did a set of (for example) 10 reps in bench press, then copy that weight into this set.

You can choose to specify a number for the repetitions or let it be blank and click on Max reps. When you start the workout, it will tell you that this is a max reps-set. Of course, you can also leave it blank, set a weight and RPE/RiR – your possibilities are infinite!

N.B: You can use these features for special sets as well.

When you feel like you are done with your first week, click on the three dots and choose to copy that week. A new week like the first one will appear. All the workouts will have the same name as the original week but be marked with (copy).

Click on the three dots on the workout you want to edit, make your changes, and save.

Other Good Things to Know

  • You are only able to edit one workout at a time. If you have an ongoing edit, that workout will be marked with a red button like the picture below.
  • If you want to move workouts around, click on the six dots to the left of the name, then drag and drop the workout to where you want it.
  • If you want to delete a whole week, you have to first move/delete all of the workouts in that week.

Updated on January 28, 2022

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