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Possible Issues With Your Data

All My Data Is Gone – What Should I Do?

If you log in to your account on a new device, it might take a while before you can see your data. So take a few breaths, and relax. If you still can’t see your data after half an hour, please reach out to us at app@strengthlog.com. Include your login method (email, Facebook or Sign in with Apple) in the email.

Not using a new device, but recently got logged out and had to log in again? Make sure you logged in to your old account! If you created your account using email plus password, you can’t use Facebook or Sign in with Apple – those options will lead to you creating a new, empty account in the app.

I Have a Premium Account – What Happens to My Data if I Cancel It?

Nothing! Your training log and all other data will still be there. Any programs or workouts you’ve created as well. You can switch between the premium and free versions at any time, and we’ll keep your data just as safe as before.

Switching back from premium to the free version, only affects what parts of and feutures in the app you can use. This might include workouts and training programs you’ve created yourself: if you included premium functionality, you won’t be able to start these workouts before switching back to premium again.

Updated on October 12, 2021

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