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How to Plan a Workout for Later

Did you know that it’s possible to plan your workouts for later? Here’s how!

  • Click on the + sign in the bottom menu
  • Choose Plan a workout
  • Plan the workout! The default inputs when you add a set will be weights and reps but it’s also possible to use some other features, like Retreive from log or % of 1RM (the latter is a premium function).
  • When you are happy with your planned workout, tap the gear in the upper right corner to give your workout a name, and then the checkmark next to the gear to save.
  • When you have saved the workout, it will be shown on your start page.
As you can see in the picture above – it’s possible to plan with RPE/RiR (premium), retrieve from log, or % of 1RM (premium). You just tap the three dots after each set to get the expanded menu shown on the right picture

Updated on May 19, 2022

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