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How to View Exercise Descriptions

It’s possible to add your own exercises in the app, but we have of course added plenty of exercises in our exercise directory for you as well.

If you stumble upon an exercise that you don’t know how to perform, we have tried to help you out by packaging both written instructions and a gif into the small icon with a question mark to the right. Simply click on the icon to open the information page about your chosen exercise.

Updated on May 19, 2022

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  1. If I remember correctly the option to check the workout history was present in the exercise description. Or I might be wrong.
    But can you make it easy to look at the history from the description without much of taps.

    1. Hi Saroj,
      If you want to see the history of an exercise just tap the graph icon, “history” and the exercise you want to see the history for. In an active workout, just tap the three dots on the selected exercise and pick “history”.

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